Choose a song of political protest (from any era and place, coming from any political perspective). What is the performer/composers message, and how is it communicated?

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For this paper you will choose a song of political protest (from any era and place, coming from any political perspective). What is the performer/composers message, and how is it communicated?Through a combination of research and analysis, you will craft an original argument pertaining to your understanding of the work. Your paper should be between 5 and 6 pages.
Your paper must:
1. Have an argument (thesis) stated clearly at the outset that remains the focus throughout 2. Give some background on the composer/performer and song.3. Give some background on the historical time period/events that prompted this song.4. Interpret the song and lyrics. 5. Include at least 3 peer-?reviewed sources4. Be well organized6. Cite any relevant material7. Have a thoughtful title
Your thesis will come out of:
1. The most important interpretive questions that have arisen in your study of this piece.2. Your sense of what a good answer to your question/s might be.
Format issues:
1. Your typewritten paper will be 5-??6 pages 2. 12-??point font, double-??spaced, standard margins, STAPLED3. Include page numbers, including the first page (you do not need to include a cover page)4. Works cited must be acknowledged using an official citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc) 5. Your paper must include a bibliography/works cited page at the end, following whatever citation method you have chosen for your paper. This does NOT count towards your 5-??6 page count.
*Be sure you arent simply writing about the lyrics; your paper must discuss the music. You can, however, discuss how the musical setting takes the lyrics into consideration.*Something to consider as you develop your argument: A good thesis makes a pointed and limited assertion that needs to be explained and supported by further discussion.
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