An Aerotropolis Plan for Ethiopia

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10 Sources is there just if you want to use outside sources you don\’t have to and if you need more you can have more.

Construct a 6 page Aerotropolis Plan for Ethiopia. This plan will be submitted to @@@ before Saturday, April 29 at 11:59 PM. It must be in an MS-Word file and include references cited. [Reference Cited dont count towards the 6 pages.] Use charts, graphs, and tables as needed to answer the questions below. [charts, graphs, and tables dont count towards the 6 pages.]

1) a plan for building 2 aerotropolises in the country
2) why two aerotropolises should be built in this country
3) should these facilities also be charter cities? If so, why? If not, why not?
4) proposed geographical locations of these facilities city, region, province, etc.
5) descriptions of these facilities which will include the amenities, number and length of runways, connector roads/rail lines, etc.
6) what products/services will be exported/imported to/from these facilities
7) what these facilities will cost and how long it will take for them to be fully operational
8) what additional infrastructure will be needed to support these facilities
9) which stores should locate in the terminal building give stores types and names
10) the impact on employment, economic growth, and aggregate GDP of these facilities once theyre fully operational

Answer and cover all the requirement
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