Write in sociology demands that you take a sociological perspective that views human behavior as mediated, shaped, channeled, and influenced by social relationships and social systems.

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Write in sociology demands that you take a sociological perspective that views human behavior as mediated, shaped, channeled, and influenced by social relationships and social systems.

? The Paper must have all required sections clearly labeled (Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion/Personal Reflection, References). Papers without the required section labels will not be graded and will earn a grade of 0.
A Title Page is required.

At least 5 scholarly/academic sources are required. Sources must come from a variety of journals.
APA format is required for your citations and Reference page.
Write in 3rd person objective format. Do not use \”I\”, \”you\”, \”me\”, \”we\”. This is a research paper, not your personal viewpoints on the topic.
You must use online sources from the ebsco database (full text, minimum of 2 pages, no older than 7 years). Newspapers, general websites, encylopedias are not approved sources. You must be using research based sources. You also can not use multiple articles from a single journal source.
Choose from the following issues:
? the social causes of poverty
? the function of higher education
? gender equity in education
? sexual violence on college campuses
? how colleges respond
? prevention
? issue of victim blaming
? educational attainment in the United States
? The role of community colleges in developing the workforce
? the social function of gangs
? education and social stratification (who does and doesn\’t go to college and why)
? Profiling in criminal justice
? Immigration
? healthcare in the United States
? Early childhood education
The paper (6+ pages) citing 5+ APA-style academic sources (books or peer-reviewed academic journals) and should address the academic research on the topic. The 6+ pages does not include the title page or the Reference page. The paper must have the following sections that are clearly labeled.
? Introduction (minimum of 1 page): the topic and it\’s significance to society. Lay a strong foundation by explaining the main points of the topic.
? Discussion (minimum of 4 pages): This is the section where the key points from your research articles are discussed. Be sure to apply each of the 3 sociological perspectives (functionalism, social-conflict, and symbolic interactionism) to your discussion. Failure to do this will result in the loss of 15 points on the discussion section.
? Conclusion/Personal Reflection (minimum of 1 page): in which you summarize your findings, and how your thinking (sociological imagination) was changed by this project. What did you learn about yourself and society? Be sure to address the sociological imagination.
? References -last page of your paper, must be in APA format.
Introduction: This section introduces the focus of the paper, explains the importance of the topic the study of sociology . Minimum 1 page in length.
Discussion : This section discusses in detail the various points of view found in your sources and compares and contrasts. Minimum of 4 pages in length.
Conclusion/Personal reflection : This section will discuss why you chose this topic, specifically stating how your ideas/opinions were either changed or reinforced, and give an overall assessment of how this research paper contributed to your understanding of sociology. Minimum of 1 page in length.
References : This is the last page and will list your sources using APA style and will be labeled References. You will need to have at least 5 academic/scholarly sources

Sources must be current (since 2008).
All of the five (5) required sources must have an author listed. Articles without author(s), newspaper articles, brochures, and unapproved websites will not count as your five required sources.

Must be labeled: References (Do NOT use the following headings: Works Cited or Bibliography)

Introduction (15 points)
? Must be labeled: Introduction
? Write a minimum of (1) page to establish the significance of the topic
? Arouse the interest of the reader
? Write a clear statement of the purpose of the paper. This includes a broad overview of the significance of the sociological topic you have selected.
? Minimal citations should be used but remember to cite all material from outside sources.
Discussion/Analysis of Results (50 points)
? Must be Labeled: Discussion
? Write a minimum 4 pages (a minimum of 15 points will be deducted for papers that do not meet this requirement)
? Describe and analyze the topic/issue. The description must be objective and balanced.
? Apply the three sociological perspectives (funtionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interactionsim). Points will be deducted for failure to do this.
Conclusion/Personal Reflection (15 points)
? Must be Labeled: Conclusion/Personal Reflection
? Write a minimum of 1 page
? Explain the effect of your research on your opinions/understanding of the topic
? Summarize the main points discussed in the paper.
? No new points may be introduced and this section should be void of citations.
? May make recommendations or suggestions.
? No in-text citations may be used. (Students will receive a grade of \”0\” for this section if any in-text citations are used).
? Explain why you chose this topic.
? Explain how your research either confirmed or refuted your ideas/opinions/thesis.
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