Write an individual research proposal and associated ethics approval application, based upon a topic or specific theme within my chosen academic discipline. The topic is: Importance of Oil in Angola\’s (african country) economy.

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This individual assignment consists of two main deliverables:

the research proposal itself
the associated ethics application.

Your submission should consist of the following key elements:

i) Background/Introduction: an overview of the chosen research topic, framing what you are
doing and why it is a worthwhile and interesting topic within the broader discipline.

ii) Aims & Objectives: what is your research question? You need to clearly define the key aim[s] and 3 – 4 objectives of this piece of work so you are able to demonstrate you have achieved them once you complete the study.
Be clear and concise e.g. The aim of this project is to…\”, We will investigate…\”, To critically appraise the literature to allow…\”, etc.

Remember, this research project has to be relevant, rigorous and achievable during your final
year; it should not be a task that is achievable over a weekend, nor a three year PhD project.

iii) Literature Review: objectively framing your chosen topic within the wider academic and technical domain literature, linking it to existing related work and the key sources.

You will need to read and reference a wide range of credible and quality sources to appropriately contextualise your chosen research area and research question.

iv) Methodology: state the formal strategy, rationale and approach for conducting this piece of
work, evidence why is it appropriate and rigorous, what type of data you will be collecting

Will it include mixed methods, multi-stage approaches?

If you will be using human participants, how you will select participants and sampling methods, address access and ethical issues, how you will analyse the data. It should clearly and concisely describe how the research aims and objectives will be achieved.

v) Project Planning: timescales for the project, identifying key milestones and deliverables, as well
as the critical path and any associated contingency planning (including printing and submission).

For this section, you can assume that you will be starting this project on 30 September 2017, with
a completion deadline of 27th April 2018.

You will need to leave sufficient time to complete your chosen research topic.

You may wish to utilise appropriate project planning techniques, such as a Gantt chart, as well as building in regular meetings with your supervisor.

vi) References: you should cite all of the key domain literature that you have utilised and referred to
in this research proposal using the Harvard referencing style1.
You should only reference academic articles, literature and sources you directly refer to in your text, not everything you have read during the project.

vii) Ethics Application: you will need to complete a Cardiff Met ethics approval form for your chosen research project, giving a concise summary of the project\’s aims and objectives, your methodology and data collection, identifying and addressing any of the associated risks and ethical considerations raised.
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