Impact of Communism and Democracy on the History of South Korea

Course Name: Western Humanities

The objective of this assignment is \”to connect your narrative with the larger movement of history, literature, and philosophy.\”

My hometown is South Korea. Because South Korea has been influenced by Western philosophies only after 19th century, the essay will cover the impact of Communism and Democracy on the history of South Korea.

This essay will require mentioning two books as critical tools.
These books are
1. \”Communist Manifesto\” by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx
2. \’Democracy in America\” by Alexis de Tocqueville
I do not think that you must read these books. If you can refer several quotes from these books it would be fine.

For Communism part, it is quite important to mention about the economic background that caused Communism to spread out the Korean Peninsula. \”Poverty\” must be a key concept. You can blame the feudal economic system of Chosen Dynasty or Japanese Colonization.

For Democracy part, the general idea such as how democracy was introduced in South Korea should be added.

Ideally the essay will refer the conflict between Communism and Democracy. As you might know, the friction between Communism supported by Russia and Democracy/Capitalism advocated by the United States resulted in Korean War. It would be fantastic if you can refer the presence of these conflicts in the current Presidential election debates.
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