write a well-organized argumentative essay on Social Networks: The Positive and the Negative Asp

Directions for Student Writer:

Read the paragraph below. Then write a well-organized argumentative essay on the topic. Essays should be approximately two pages in length. Begin with a clear thesis statement that explains your view and support your view with reasons, examples, and details. Use standard English and avoid errors in grammar and spelling. You may use a dictionary. Double space your essay, and use font 12. You may NOT use outside sources for this essay. Using outside sources will result in a grade of "F."


Social Networks: The Positive and the Negative Aspects

According to recent statistics, approximately 73% of teens are on a social network, the average teen has 201 Facebook friends, and 37% send daily messages to their friends. Parents are concerned about the impact that social networks have on their children.


Write a well-organized argumentative essay that would be appropriate for the editorial page of your campus newspaper. Argue that the benefits of social networking outweigh its risks, or argue the opposite: the disadvantages of social networking exceed the benefits. Be sure that your essay has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your essay needs a firm thesis statement that explains your view, reasons for your view, and support in the form of specific examples and details for the reasons.

Use effective sentence structure and avoid fragments, fused sentences, and comma splices. Follow the standards of written English, especially in regard to punctuation, agreement, and spelling. You may use a dictionary. Be sure to give your name, date, and class time in the header. Include a title, use ink, write on one side of the paper only, and skip every other line. You may write as many pages as needed.

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