Discuss the Importance of Doctors’ and Patients’ Preferences in the Prescription Decision,”Journal of Industrial Economics, 48, pp. 349-369

Coscelli, A., 2000, “The Importance of Doctors’ and Patients’ Preferences in the Prescription Decision,” Journal of Industrial Economics, 48, pp. 349-369

Written Summary and Analysis of Assigned Readings: Two reading lists will be distributed throughout the semester corresponding to the assigned readings for the pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance industry, respectively. The writing assignments count for 15 percent of the course grade. Students will choose an article from these lists and submit a one-page, hard copy summary/analysis at the beginning of class on the designated date. The one page summary/analysis should have the following format and address the following points:
size 12 font, Times New Roman or Arial font, single-spaced, standard margins (1” top and bottom and 1.25” left and right)
i. What is the goal of this study? ii. What is the time period analyzed?
iii. What is/are the data source(s)? iv. What are the main findings?
v. What new information did you learn? vi. What are some suggestions/criticisms you would make to the
author(s)? vii. Questions you have for the author(s)?
Any summary short of one complete page will not receive credit. A separate title page should include your name, course number and section, reading #, and titles and authors of chosen articles. A sample writing assignment can be found on Blackboard.
Writing assignments are required to be in hard copy—no email attachments are acceptable. In addition, students are required to upload their written assignment to TurnItIn through Blackboard before class begins on the designated day. Acceptable file formats include .doc, docx, .txt, and .pdf,. TurnItIn checks each students paper for plagiarism against any existing sources; students may submit a

draft themselves to see what the outcome of such a scan is to ensure it is within an acceptable range (<20%).
The written summaries/analyses will be graded with a ?+, ?, ?-, or 0. The problem sets will be graded with a ?+, ?, ?-, or 0. A grade of “0” is earned for incomplete assignments, late assignments, and assignments that do not meet a minimum effort level. A ?+ corresponds to “excellent;” a ? corresponds to “good;” and a ?- corresponds to “fair.” The first writing assignment will be graded and returned back to students with feedback for preparation of the remaining written assignments as will another few randomly chosen assignments during the semester. The remaining written assignments, along with these three assignments, will form a portfolio that will be graded and returned back to the student at the semester’s end. The portfolio’s assigned grade (i.e. ?+, ?, ?-, or 0) will be applied equally to each completed assignment.

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