What is the nurses experiences for Pain management for cancer patients in palliative care settings?

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This assignment is about doing a proposal of systematic review as mentioned in the paper title.
Will you please follow the gelidness of the systematic review protocol and make sure to use the Harvard citation style and writing format as a sample attached in the documents. There is a sample of protocol of SR proposal to be more specified. The most important point I could disuses in the systemic review. I have written about 5000 words. Unfortunately, I have field In the systemic review. Therefore, my professor gave me feedback to correct my mistake. Lastly, I would uploads the 5000 words assignment with professor\’s feedback. Please let me know if you need further information

Note that as I mention that about the protocol systemic review. The instruction state that you have to email me every 5 days about one part in the systemic review in order to have a Skype session with my professor. Honestly, I have to do really well in the systemic review,. This is because it is the last opportunity to pass in this module. Finally, I would have a meeting with my professor on Tuesday. I have to make sure to email me the first part of systemic review .it would help me to negotiation in better understating.

I have attached below:
* Files of systematic review protocol and files of sample SR protocol.
*Assignment 5000 words with professors feedback.
*Harvard Citation
*How to do a Systematic review
*Using PICO and PEO (s).
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