Questionnaire Piloting and Administration

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There is a questionnaire in the attached files. The questionnaire must be administered from 5 people. I have done 1 and will attach that aside from that one I need the other 4 questionnaires to be done with you. I need the questionnaire to be filled and be submitted to me along with my assignment. the people that answers these questionnaires must be over 18 years old and have travelled with FSC, LCC or both within the last twelve months. you can administer the questionnaire face to face, telephone or online. once the fieldwork has been done. write 1200 words REFLECTIVE REPORT detailing:
1.your reason for selecting the method of survey administration used? What were the advantages and disadvantages of using this method?
2. Was the administration procedure a success. did respondents understand the questions? (look confused or ask questions? was there missing data? (skipped questions?) on average how long it takes for respondent to complete the survey?
3. What suggestions would you make for improving the administration procedure used?
4. What, if any changes, would you make to the questionnaire before administering it to a larger group of respondents?
5. On reflection, what were the key lessons you learnt from survey administration process?

All the above questions must be answered specifically throughout the report.

The points that I will get mark is per the below points: (so please make sure you cover all the areas)

1. Justification for survey administration method used (including supporting references where necessary)

2. Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the survey administration method used (including supporting references where necessary).

3. Reflection on the administration procedure

4. SUGGESTIONS for improving the administration procedure (including supporting references where necessary)

5. Discussion of changes required to the questionnaire before administering it to a larger group of respondents) including supporting references where necessary)

6. KEY LESSONS LEARNT (including supporting references where necessary)

I will attach three documents in the following:

1. the blank questionnaire which you need to administrate among 4 people and send me the all 4 documents.

2 The questionnaire which I have done as a sample for you. (please pay attention to the way that it has been answered) (this is a very good example and it has some hints which is great to be mentioned in the report like where the respondent in question number 2 added the word REX. She thought that one of the weaknesses of the questionnaire is that why it has not mentioned REX airline, in fact she believed that it is so good so she added that one there)

3. the document which can be just helpful for writer while writing the report and doing the questionnaire. I do not need that document to be filled and submitted for me. so, there is no words for that. It could be just a great help for writer to get some hints.

I chose 1375 words which goes for a 1200 words report and the rest for the answers in the questionnaire.

The assignment is very much important for me that is why I am selecting the Platinum quality to have a very high quality report and a very well administered questionnaires answers.
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