What are the health associations (British heart foundation) and other associations doing about it ?

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I don\’t need a full marketing plan, I have done a lot myself. I will download an additional file later.
Our product:
First aid courses / training for football players and football coaches – so that those that are on the bench (or other players nearby) can help in case if a player on the pitch collapses and is about to die of sudden cardiac arrest.
Example of current cases: Tottenham Hotpsurs U23 team manager Ugo Ehiogu recently collapsed on the pitch (during a training session) and passed away. Another very recent case (05th June 2017 – even though not in England): Cheick Tiote, Ivory Coast, collapsed as well, he played in China.
1) What are the health associations (British heart foundation) and other associations doing about it ?
2) How many football players died in England in Premier League/Championship / League 1 and League two (also lower leagues) within the last 10 years on the pitch because of sudden death ?
3) who is financing security : the clubs or is it coming from the government?
4)Make comparison between lower level and higher level leagues
5) Check: Important: Mention clearly the government regulations about it: national, regional, local
I need the following details:

Check : do the football clubs already have such first aid courses for their players in England in the Premier League or Championship or League 1 or League 2?
Check: Who makes the decision about how many defibrillators there are in the stadiums in the Premier League and in the lower leagues? Do the teams themselves decide how many doctors and defis they have during match days? Or does the Premier League tell them how many they must have ? Or does the English FA decide ? Who is the decision maker ?
Check: which medical sponsors (only MEDICAL sponsors, NOT the normal sponsors) do the Premier League teams have ? Name at least three medical sponsors in the Premier League. A medical sponsor is for example SANITAS in Spain. Which ones do you have in England in the Premier League ? Has every club its own medical sponsor ?
– financial forecast /budget: how much do we have to pay for marketing campaigns to create awareness and for organising first aid courses (that means how much do we have to pay to the paramedics/the trainers that give first aid courses – including everything – that means accommodation, booking a room where the first aid course can take place, travel /transportation cost: the paramedics have to travel and go to the clubs to give the first aid courses , etc)

Write the marketing plan in an emotional way from the point of view of the medical sponsor. Write why it makes sense for the sponsor to sponsor us /this idea. What are the benefits for the medical sponsor? Why is it good for the (medical) sponsor if we organise the first aid courses for players and coaches ? We are a non profitable marketing agency and want to do the marketing for this first aid courses so that we convince a sponsor to sponsor it and so that we convince FIFA to make it mandatory.
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