Turkey macroµ economic analysis w/ hotel investment

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For successful completion of this economic project, you will need to conduct a SWOT and a PESTLE analysis of the macroeconomic -> TURKEY, underlining the major economic challenges facing investors like yourself.

You will use that economics to evaluate the current situation and future economic prospects of our hotel & leisure industry in general and of a particular Best 5 stars Hotel in that emerging country industry; defining what in your opinion should a Best 5 stars hotel be; analyzing the chosen hotel -> THE HOUSE HOTEL, ISTANBUL, structures operations and services throughout the lens of the economics theory of the lecture theory in order to recommend or not to invest in such an hotel.

You will use the economics theory and concepts of the chapters acquired during the course reading as a supporting framework and basis for the evaluation and analysis for your report.

Important issues to consider:
For successful completion of this economic exercise, important issues to consider:
World and national Macroeconomics background
The country competitive market structure in our global world
Analysis and evaluation of the current macroeconomics policies
Analysis of the hospitality market in the assigned country
The country market system structure
Factors influencing demand including different elasticity of demand
Substitutes and complements as well as elasticity of the supply in this market
Analysis of major costs, revenue and profitability in these sectors
The factors market and economies of scale affecting pricing considerations
Appropriate profit maximization methods
Analysis and evaluation of the future economic prospects
Any other macroeconomic concerns which may affect decision making
Sustainability issues to manage long term profitability
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