Submit a one page reaction paper to the video shown in class and discuss the economic implications.

You are required to submit a one page reaction paper to the video shown in class. The reactions must be typed, double spaced (no extra spaces between paragraphs), 12 pt standard font (Times New Roman or Arial), 1” margins and submitted to Canvas no later than midnight of the following Sunday. Late reaction papers will not be accepted, under any circumstances. Content: Use one of the given prompts as your guide for what to write. You are expected to put thought in your answers and respond intelligibly. You are encouraged to support your answers with material from the video, class lecture, as well as the required readings. You must clearly indicate your source, and if you directly quote any material, you must clearly indicate what has been quoted along with indicating the source of the quoted material. Format: Although these reactions are only one page, you are expected to submit well-written papers. These will be graded not only on the thoughts submitted, but also on grammar and cohesiveness. Put nothing but your name at the top. Here is the link to the video: (Links to an external site.) Topics mentioned in the video: – Impact of Highways (good and bad) – Baby boom/suburbia – Moon landing – Civil rights movement – Cold War You can write about one of these, or choose a different topic mentioned in this video and discuss the economic implications.