Operational Risk Management

Question 1 (70% of marks individual)

You are the newly appointed Risk Manager for Carillion plc, a major construction company. You have been asked to carry out a risk analysis of the business and create a risk register. Using the model risk register attached carry out the following actions:

(i) Briefly describe (1/2 page) the risk emphasis of the construction business and then identify 5 risk categories for Carillion.

(ii) Identify and analyse all the risks and controls you believe exist within the 5 categories and use the framework attached to grade the probability and impact of the risk on both an inherent and residual basis. Create risk scores and RAG levels for each risk identified.

(iii) Create a 1page memo to the Board of Carillion plc describing the top 3 risks that arise from the risk analysis. Include comments on any actions you propose to control the risks.

Question 2 (15% of marks)

You are the Risk Manager for Anglo-Saxon Air Services, a fictitious company that provides aircraft maintenance, service and repair. The company is planning to build a new service hangar and an aircraft painting depot at its operating base in Cambridge. A risk assessment is to be carried out and the board has asked you to describe the techniques that you would propose to use in order to identify risks. Prepare a report, noting at least 3 different risk identification techniques and describing what they are, why you would use these particular techniques and how they would be carried out. Approximately 750 words.

Question 3 (15% of marks)

You work for a company that manufactures all types of office furniture and fittings as the Risk and Insurance Manager. A new Finance Director has been appointed and has requested a summary of the risk financing options that she could consider.
Provide a report of approximately 750 words describing the options.
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