Marketing Minutes

You have seen how strong brands are successful in the marketplace. Now, apply the same principles in defining your personal brand for positioning purposes to differentiate yourself and be successful in getting good job that leads to a great career.

One approach is to tell your brand story by using specific characteristics that define you to potential employers (similar to how brands connect to their customers). Define your brand based on what you have to offer.

List and describe at least three areas that can help define who you are to a potential employer. Here are some of the suggested areas to focus:

Leadership skills (describe your leadership roles at school, work, volunteer positions, and community). It is important to discuss your leadership skills, not merely list the different positions you may have held.
Academic achievements. You may want to list courses that you took (or plan to take) outside your academic field to strengthen your brand.
Experience: describe your contributions and accomplishments in your current and past positions. Your experience can be a good way to differentiate yourself. These include sales experience, project or event management experience, leadership experience, work commitment, entrepreneurial experience, customer service, international study, subject matter expertise, and community work.
If you do not possess some of these traits, e.g. leadership skills, please suggest a personal plan for addressing these deficiencies.
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