Nursing: Community

Vulnerable Populations Discussion The purpose of this activity and discussion is to learn how to find and assess community resources available to elders in a specific community (MASSACHUSETTS -preferably the South End or Brookline)

There are numerous resources available but they vary by location.

A good place to start would be the LOCAL COUNCIL ON AGING. This is just a place to get you started. It helps to consider the real needs of the individual. Interview an elder (or make up data -realistic data) Begin by assessing the current and future needs and see what you can find for community resources. You can always pick up the phone and call different sites as not all resources are to be found on the internet.

In 4-6 paragraphs, describe your findings.

You will be looking up community resources for this individual. So will need to know where he/she lives. So, basically what you are doing is taking an individual, and finding community resources that would help keep this person at home. Think about his/her health/functional problems. Think of all resources in community that help vulnerable populations: transportation, VETs, meals, social and financial assistance etc. You need atleast 5 and that does not mean 5 within one organization. Make sure you cite your sources. The goal of this discussion is to see what is in the community to help someone who is vulnerable and in need of assistance.

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