Explore how social institutions create and reproduce social inequalities through various micro, meso, and macro (national and global) level forces.

Assignment Guidelines:
This semester, we explored how social institutions create and reproduce social inequalities through various micro, meso, and macro (national and global) level forces. Select one of your mini response papers as a starting point; you can choose any of your mini response papers, but you might find this final assignment to be most interesting if you select the paper that corresponds to the topic you found most thought-provoking, or most aligned (or misaligned) with your own experiences, or where you believe you did the most learning. With that starting point, select one social identifier (i.e. race/ethnicity, gender, class, religious affiliation, criminal background, health status, citizenship in global north/south, etc.) and outline how two social institutions reproduce inequalities for the social identifier you selected. (Social institutions were discussed throughout the course, including but not limited to religious institutions, schools, the criminal justice system, workplaces, and international financial institutions.) In your discussion, include whether and how these inequalities are reproduced at the micro, meso, and macro (national and global) levels, as appropriate. In discussing your answer, make explicit reference to at least two (but no more than four) readings, being sure to select those two readings from different course topics. Youre also invited to make reference to video clips and images shown in class, though this is not required.

Notes about formatting:
Our expectation is that you write 700-900 words.
Please double space your work. Use whatever font youd like to use.
Include a References page, using ASA format.
After your References page, please include the mini response paper as an appendix. (This is in case we need to check it, as a reference point.)
Going over or under the word count, submitting your assignment late (see syllabus for late policy), not citing properly or not including a reference page, or otherwise not following the assignment guidelines will result in marks deducted.
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