legal aspects of responsible leadership

This assignment is an individual assignment.

This assignment requires you to write a 2000 word original advice to the following scenario

Following last seasons poor quality applicants and low viewing figures for his TV show Youre Hired where the winner of the program is appointed as CEO of his TV Production Company, Simon wants to rebrand the show and has appointed t American celebrity sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney to be on the judging panel each episode and at the finale for a fee of 1,000,000 each. As the global popularity of the sisters is so high Simon knows their appearance is guaranteed to raise applications, viewing figures and advertising revenue worldwide and as a consequence has ensured the agreement with them is enforceable in English law..

By way of thanks Kim takes Simon out to dinner and it is agreed she will pay the bill. At the restaurant Kim orders a bottle of champagne to toast success of the new show and asks the restaurant owner to open it.

Unfortunately the owner fails to control the cork and it hits Simon in the mouth damaging his teeth.
As Simon wants to save any embarrassment he refuses the restaurant owners offer to take him directly to his dentist for emergency treatment and continues to drink the champagne and eat his meal which causes additional damage to his teeth raising the cost of repairs from an initial 20,000 to 30,000.

Advise Simon of any defenses that may be used against him if he chooses to pursue an action under tort of negligence

Please note that this scenario is fictitious and is to be considered and used only for the purpose of academic debate for this assessment.
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