Explain how to challenge received opinion and develop reflective judgments and reports.

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Work of distinguished quality which is based on a rigorous, comprehensive and detailed knowledge base, including awareness of the provisional nature of knowledge and its theoretical, ethical and conceptual dimensions, together with its wider context and implications. Work will demonstrate sustained ability to engage in analysis of new/abstract data and situations, synthesize data and concepts to design novel solutions, critically evaluate evidence and its contradictions, and confidence in application to define and propose resolutions to complex problems relevant to the field of study or assessment task. This will be the basis for authoritative arguments and judgements and work which meets professional standards in relation to a full range of key skills. There will be strong evidence of competence across a range of specialised skills using them to plan, develop and evaluate problems solving strategies, to challenge received opinion and develop reflective judgements and reports. Clear evidence of capability to operate autonomously with minimal guidance in complex and unpredictable contexts using a wide range of innovative and standard techniques will be demonstrated. Outputs will be communicated effectively, accurately and reliably.

1.0 introduction
about this essay
briefly decriable 2 companies
how the essay will be organization
2.0 Company A and company B
3.0 Analysis( There are some tips)
Core competence
Competition contract
Definition focus on cost
RBV theory( contene MUST)
VRIO framework
Porters generic strategies (Porter\’s Generic Strategies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wXVnBrpZ-U )
Porters Value Chain( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkisCzFHx80)
EXAMPLE: Starbucks value chain (document)-

Ansoff Matrix
Explain why successful, Why the price higher, what them advantage.
4.0 Conclusion
5.0 Reference
not choose Apple
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