Discuss the impact on E learning.

e Learning Breakthroughs
New technologies have brought about some well-documented transformations and challenges to teaching and learning by affecting how information is received, understood, and applied. The thoughtful and strategic inclusion of these new tools in e Learning environments can turn the once static learning approaches, in which learners are consumers of information, into dynamic, collaborative interactions. These interactions facilitate knowledge creation using higher levels of critical thinking and building multiple layers of technological skills.

For this Assignment, you will search the e Learning literature for seminal events that have categorically had an impact on the e Learning ecosystem. Then you will work within your Learning Community to determine the most pertinent events in the evolution of e Learning.
To prepare:
Search the Walden Library, the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Journals, or the web to identify three breakthrough events in the evolution of e Learning. The events that you choose should represent an impact on social change and e Learning. Breakthrough events may be any of the following:
Seminal research findings
Significant changes in pedagogy
Major changes in educational delivery methods
Significant inventions that contributed to modes of instruction
Social and/or political events


Post the following to your Learning Community
Discussion Thread :
post your three selected events, along with a rationale for why you chose each breakthrough. Review the collection of events .Write a 1-paragraph rationale for each of the top three events explaining why you decided that they were the most pertinent events in the evolution of eLearning.

Submit your findings.

Note: Complete each section of the rubric as a self-assessment and then copy and paste the Module 2 Assignment Rubric to the last page of your submission.
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