Environmental scanning PEST analysis

Concept Tea Shop – Limited company

This is a concept of combined different region tea and multi country snacks in one shop. The shop will located at London which is an advantage because British people are well know of tea drinker. Nowadays British tend to find out what different country tea test like, in fact Starbucks in UK provide over ten different kind of tea but only one non English tea. This is an innovation of tea shop. For example, people can enjoy the show of chinese
$;feadback from teacher
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More importantly, can you give a detailed description beyond \’combined different region tea\’ – what do you mean? Perhaps something like \”We believe that there is a gap in the cafe market for a tea-shop specialising in authentic, regional, and rare Chinese teas. We will offer [xmany] types of tea, including types of tea such as [x] which are unusual in the UK. We will also offer [x] types of snack, including [x] which is well-known and loved in China but unknown in the the UK…\” Simply expand on the detail, emphasising the uniqueness of the product and explain how the authenticity of the service, and the ceremony, will help you to stand out from your competitors.

The design of the tea shop will be opening in two floor building, this actually a common design used in Korean coffee shop. This time will be a little bit different, when you purchase a drink in the shop than go to the different area depends on what kind of drink you order.

The location of the shop will be placed in an area rather in zone 1 or zone 2
Beijing tong Ren tong
Whittard of Chelsea
Muffin man tea shop
Strength and weakness of competitor :
Beijing Tong Ren Tong
They provide tea and traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing Tong Ren Tong. This very rare in London. Mostly they only have Chinese medicine.
The weakness of BTRT is they don\’t have a medicine license of UK. So people will have trust issue.
Whittard of chelsea
Whittard of chelsea is a international company in tea industry, they have eight branch in UK and branch in Taiwan.
QC is a big problem for a company with plenty of branch.
Muffin Man Tea Shop
Muffin tea shop have only one store in UK. which actually are more flexible on the store regulations .
People need to spend plenty of time for waiting a set.
Setting up a business with partnership is the best way for our business because we pay less tax also we all have to spilt the bills of what the shop purchase. This is good for all of the partner because we can spilt the start-up cost.

feadback from teacher:
Perhaps you should acknowledge that there are a large number of tea-rooms and tea-shops in London – maybe you could even find some figures? The important thing you need to explain is how you will meet the competition which is experienced by the existing rivals in this market. This means that you need to explain your business strategy! You should explain what factors you will need to pay attention to in order for your business to enter the market and compete successfully

environmental scanning PEST analysis should be includ these 4 parts
1. politics- example : law and regulation, taxation, brexit, business organisation, election-no clear result
2. economic- example: currency value, brexit tariff, inflation, gdp growth economic policy
3. Social
4. Technological
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