Discuss What are future steps you plan to take to reach this goal?

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Evaluating and ending professional relationships exercise

For this exercise, you will need to interview one of your classmates.
* This is a one-way interview meaning that the person who requested the interview cannot then be interviewed by the same classmate to fulfill this assignment.
*Everyone will be interviewed once by a peer.
* First step is to identify in the discussion thread who is the interviewer and who has agreed to be interviewed!
i.e. Jessica Gibson is interviewing Oskgar Marco\”

* Review the information they shared in our first discussion board prompt when they introduced themselves to our class.
1) What is something that you are proud to have accomplished in your life thus far?
2) What is something your classmates might be surprised to know about you?
3) What is something on your \”bucket list\” to do during your lifetime?
4.) Do you have any more immediate goals that you want to accomplish in the coming year?

For this interview, review with your chosen classmate their more immediate goals that they wanted to accomplish in the coming year.

Consider using the following prompts for your interview:

Lets go over your goals and identify what you have completed and what you still may want to work on.
Lets review where you are now in relationship to your goals.
On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being little progress and 10 meaning you have achieved your goal, where would you rank your progress?
How satisfied are you with the goal you established?
If you would like to modify the goal, how might you change it?
How do you feel about your progress towards your goal in light of your other responsibilities?
What might help you refocus if detoured on the path to your goal?
What might you consider as obstacles in reaching your goal?
What might you consider as supports in reaching your goal?
What are future steps you plan to take to reach this goal?
What information has been helpful learning about interviewing skills that might help you reach these goals?
What are 3 areas you feel would be helpful to learn as you pursue professional development as a social worker?

Use specific examples where you can to:
Summarize the interview process (establishing a time to interview, length of the interview, information exchanged, comfort level in connecting with a classmate).
Summarize the interview content.
Summarize what they have found to be helpful in learning about interviewing skills.
Summarize and explain 3 areas that they mentioned would be helpful to learn more about in their professional development as a social worker.
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