Do the economical aspects contribute to the hosting of the 2020 world Expo?

Please do expand those points below into an argumentative analysis essay. Please refer to the benefits and whom and how . You could check previous expo’s in other countries and see how it did change and benefit the place.
Make sure that it’s is analysis argument that should have proof and support from academic sources or even governmental/ statistics researches.

In the year 2020, the World Expo is going to be held in one truly deserving nation. This has seen many counties bidding for this exceptional opportunity (Gulf News, 1). The world Expo is a lucrative biennial meeting which rivals Olympic Games both in prestige, as well as, in scale. Dubai is surely the best suited in hosting the 2020 world Expo.
In awarding the Expo contract, does the bid of Dubai make perfect sense?
Dubai has transformed itself into the leading destination for:
Business and trade.
Festivals and attractions.
Coordination with private sector.
ii. Do the economical aspects contribute to the hosting of the 2020 world Expo?
iii. The Expo will result to large amount of traffic pouring in the country. This will be of great economic benefits to:
a. Likely benefits to the airline industry.
b. Likely benefits to the RTA (road transportation authority).
c. Likely benefits the hotel, as well as, accommodation industry.
c. The overall benefit to the economy of Dubai.
Owing to the economic aspect of Dubai such as the best airline industry, hotel and accommodation, venues, and tourism destination coordinated by both public and private sector, it is prudent to award the World Expo contract to the city not just as a reward for this but also due to its capability.

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