Discuss what we mean by net neutrality (open internet), the significance of this principle and the extent to which it is embodied in law

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Question ( this is a Law module):

Q.1 – Discuss what we mean by net neutrality (open internet), the significance of this principle and the extent to which it is embodied in law. Answers may focus on EU or US law, or both.

Q.2 – Internet filtering (blocking) has become a common regulatory tactic in democracies. Identify and discuss the legal issues which it presents. Answers may focus on either \”voluntary\” or legally mandated blocking systems.


– This is not an essay; this is a take home exam you should answer the question as an Exam question. All questions carry equal marks.

– The Maximum word limit is 5,000 words in TOTAL ( to answer 2 question). DO NOT GO MORE.

– Assignments should be presented in 12pt font, justified left and right, 1 inch margins.
How to answer: (mandatory instructions for answering)

– Do NOT use quotations, Citations, bibliographies and tables of cases

– Footnotes are required ONLY when you cite (particular cases, statutes, general principles, case laws, laws and rules, or other sources) Statements as to the law should always be supported by citation.

– Focus on answering the question, with legal answers looking in related rules, laws, case laws.

– Answers should Be discursive not descriptive Do not summaries and describe legal principles without discussing the principles, their application or their implications.

– Do Not discuss the topic in very general terms without discussion of the applicable law. Answers should tackle the specific question asked.

– Answers should to set out the fundamental elements of the legal issues presented.

– This is a law module and the predominant focus of answers must be on the legal issues presented.

– Answers should always start with a description of the overall legal framework and relevant rules, and these parts should make up the majority of the work.

should be able to describe the overall legal framework setting out where a particular rule fits into the wider framework is important. Also, if covering a number of different issues try to ensure balanced coverage rather than focusing entirely on one. (On the exam specifically – while the focus of each exam question will be on one particular topic, feel free to mention linkages to other topics if you feel that these are relevant to the particular question.)
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