Discuss and Evaluate how personal priorities may impact upon future career options;

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I work in a star class hotel for the food and beverage department as a room service, restaurant, and bar attendant (bayview Eden Melbourne) base on those information this assessment need to be complete ? , thanks in advance <3 Assessment Recent research has revealed that the Hospitality and Tourism Industry wants experienced graduates. This industry wants graduates who can also think critically and reflectively, who know their strengths and can use them effectively in the workplace. It is also important to become aware of your areas for improvement also known as areas for growth and to work toward improving these skills. Knowing and embracing your character strengths and skills and using them in your career can lead to rewarding outcomes. It is for these reasons that you are required to complete a reflective journal. This assessment is based on the Dots Career Development framework (Smith et al 2009 pp 27-8) providing you with an opportunity to think about and reflect upon your: Decision making For each part of the assessment, there is an allocated topic. You are required to critically reflect on this topic and discuss in relation to your study, career and Work Integrated Learning experiences. Word Count 1400words.. Your privacy is respected. We understand that some of the topics such as identifying your strengths and weaknesses are quite personal. You are not obliged to write very private information. As a result of your reflection and exercises from Your career and you; self-assessment for students and graduates. (Graduate Careers Australia 2012) perhaps a short statement such as Time management is an area for growth. would suffice. Your work will be assessed by the teaching team and will not be made public. The topics below are to guide your thinking and reflection. Part C - Decision making (weeks 7-9) 1. Identify the key elements of career decision-making, in the context of life planning; 2. Relate self-awareness to knowledge of different opportunities; 3. Evaluate how personal priorities may impact upon future career options; 4. Devise a short/medium-term career development action plan; 5. Identify tactics for addressing the role of chance in career development; and 6. Review changing plans and ideas on an ongoing basis. Currently 1 writers are viewing this order

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