Discuss the ethical issues paralegals face today.

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This will be part of your final. You may begin early.
For this assignment, you will conduct research using West law, the Online Library (LegalTrac and/or LexisNexis) and the Internet on ethical dilemmas facing paralegals today. Consider also using reported judicial opinions, articles from bar journals or law reviews, or the Paralegal Today Magazine, as well as the NALA Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Appendix A on pages 257-258 and the National Federal of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Appendix C on pages 261-265, and also online. Consider using news articles and ethics opinions. Your paper should use many varied and solid sources. Avoid Wikipedia or similar sources. A minimum of five sources should be used.
Choose one topic and delve and expand on the topic with many details, examples, sources. Possible topics include unauthorized practice of law, client confidentiality, conflict of interest, or other ethical situations. You should use Bluebook or APA citation format for the paper. Make sure to include both in-text citations and a bibliography for your sources. You should include a title page and a bibliography for the research paper. Include the cover page, the text of the paper, and the biography, the research paper should be approximately at least 5-10 pages in length (DOUBLE SPACE). Use one inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, and double-spaced lines. Do not write in first person. You should have at least five sources, but more would be ideal. Make sure your paper is error free, using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling!
Do NOT copy and paste anything from the Internet without quotes!
Note: Last term 3 students failed this because they plagiarized. Cite all sources and do not copy and paste anything from another source without quotes. Quotes should be minimal. Paraphrase your work.

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