Discuss Cyber security Policies in the Private and Public Sector.

Competencies: Critical thinking, research skills.

Choose one of the following topics:
• ICS/SCADA systems
• Cloud computing
• Social networks
• Mobile computing
For that topic, list several significant cyber security vulnerabilities and associated threats that would have the highest impact on service or users. For each vulnerability/threat combination, discuss why the probability of an occurrence is either high, medium, or low. For each vulnerability/threat combination, describe several policies and procedures that can most effectively manage that estimated level of risk. How is customer satisfaction affected by implementing each policy and procedure described? Provide supporting examples from outside articles and literature. You can find links to relevant sources of information for this assignment in the class Webliography.Prepare your paper in Word format. It should be double-spaced with one-inch margins all around. The citations and the reference list in the paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines.

Papers must include: cover page, table of contents, introduction, section headings and subheadings, conclusions, APA compliant in-text citations and list of references, and page numbers. The page count begins with the introduction and ends with the conclusions. The questions asked in the assignment should first be outlined (the outline is not included in the document), then the outline should be used to create the Table of Contents and the document sub-headings. The Introduction should briefly preview each sub-heading in the document.

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