Discuss Attitudes and Job satisfaction (Management and Organisational Behaviour)

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Dear writer,
The assignment is basically a coursework about the Organisational behaviour & Managemnt topic mentioned below :

Attitudes and job satisfaction & motivation at work

Analyse the impact that your selected topic will have on an employees motivation at work (include a relevant motivation model or theory) and to the Organisational Behaviour.

The assignment should be in report format and written in a persuasive style that includes critical analysis from relevant literature and research.
Submission Requirements
Your assignment must be submitted in report format, via Turnitin, by 18 June 2017. Familiarise yourself with the writing, structure and presentation of reports and the referencing of material. Your report should not exceed 2,500 – 3000 words in length, excluding the appendices and the reference list. Appendices should however be used sparingly.

All references to both academic literature and other published sources must be attributed using the Harvard referencing system, which must be used accurately. In total the references must not be less than 15 at least 3 reference from magazine or newspaper .

ATTENTION !!! please its very important to follow and read all the instructions in the assignment advise file and also follow & check the sample guide report both are attached under the additional assignment fies section, also i need a full draft to be sent once you start the work.
Finally if you should want to know anything please feel free to contact me through the messaging board at any time.
Many thanks for your understanding
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