Describe potential new screening opportunities and critically evaluate the likelihood of these coming into widespread use.

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This obviously has a broad scope, and the content will be determined by your own reading around the topic. However, please give an overview of the current cancer screening programmes offered by the NHS in the UK. Please be sure to outline the role of the Cellular Pathology department (histopathology and/or cytology) in the provision and diagnostic follow up of these programmes. Your focus needs to be on Cellular Pathology. Include a forward-looking view of potential future developments in UK. Describe potential new screening opportunities and critically evaluate the likelihood of these coming into widespread use.
Critically compare UK cancer screening with other parts of the world. You may wish to compare the effect on both cancer incidence and survival rates in areas where different approaches are taken. From this, give your recommendation for both the UK and other countries on how cancer screening could be better implemented to reduce cancer-related deaths, bearing in mind the cost effectiveness of different approaches.
Your work should be appropriately illustrated and correctly referenced throughout. Marks will be lost if the referencing is not correct. The 3000 word limit is a limit, and submissions over this will be penalised. References and figure legends do not count towards this word limit, but the latter should not be exploited as a way of including an inappropriate amount of additional text
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