Develop one or more scripted web pages that are meant to be part of a website of a small (fictitious) company that provides customized training courses on data analytics to clients in the South of England.

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Your task is to develop one or more scripted web pages that are meant to be part of a website of a small (fictitious) company that provides customised training courses on data analytics to clients in the South of England. These web pages should set out what the company does, be appealing to their target market (i.e. local companies seeking analytics training for their own employees) and allow visitors to express their interest in hiring its services. Specifically, your solution should:
Contain a visually appealing and user-friendly home page, or collection of navigable pages, that effectively showcases the company and presents its training services to the intended target audience, including among other things testimonials, social media links (links only), etc.;
Provide a form section which:
o Allows potential clients to enter their details and requirements (i.e.
name, email, phone, company name, whether they are interested in on- site or online training course delivery, and a custom message);
o Validates the user\’s input for possible omissions (important fields left blank) or errors (e.g. invalid email address) and get the user to correct any such problems before letting them submit the inquiry;
o Stores the inquiry in a given MySQL database table (see later) and then shows an appropriate confirmation page having done so.
Your web pages should provide a standard and intuitive interface with appropriate positioning of all elements and with an appropriate look and feel. Where necessary, you can make additional assumptions about the required functionality based on the database table design, common sense, and the typical functionality found on similar websites.
Importantly, to avoid any possible confusion, every page you include in your solution must clearly include the following disclaimer: Note that this is a fictitious website that was developed by a university student as part of a programming assignment. None of the content on this page is meant to be genuine nor should it be taken as such. Also, please do not make any attempt to submit your pages to a search index or to provide any external link to them.
To develop your solution, you will need to use HTML, PHP server-side scripting, and (potentially) JavaScript client-side scripting (depending on the chosen design).1 In addition, use of CSS for styling is strongly encouraged. Importantly, your server-side scripts must be designed to run under the existing Web server configuration used to
with me at an early stage of your project.
I am potentially willing to consider alternative client-side technologies, provided that you discuss this
MANG6180 ? Web Applications ? Individual Assignment
host your personal web file store ( Solutions that require different PHP versions, customised server configurations, etc. are NOT acceptable; you may wish to verify compatibility at the beginning stages of your work.
Furthermore, you are asked to produce a written report (max. 1500 words) which briefly outlines and justifies your main design decisions regarding the user interface (e.g. usability considerations taken into account, visual aesthetics), input validation, and the use of scripting (e.g. choice of client-side vs. server-side validation). This report should also list any sources of information or of existing code you used, and how you applied or further customised this. Please include in Appendix a selection of your most important markup code or script(s); in accordance with the School\’s standard word count policy, the latter does not count towards your word count.
Database specifications
For the purpose of this assignment, a MySQL database named mgmt_webapp_msc was created and stored on a University server (, which is accessible on-campus, through VPN, or via the Southampton Virtual Environment (SVE). This database contains a table named training_inquiries, which was defined as follows:
CREATE TABLE training_inquiries (
name VARCHAR(70),
company VARCHAR(100),
phone VARCHAR(11),
email VARCHAR(254),
delivery_mode ENUM(\’os\’, \’ol\’),
message TEXT
You have been granted the necessary rights to access and update this table under the user name: MANG6180_student, password: tintin1830. An explanation of the table attributes and example values are included in Table 1.
Important note on academic integrity
This is an individual assignment so your markup code and scripts, as well as your report, must be your own work: you are not allowed to copy from other students.
You are of course encouraged to look for useful information sources to support your design choices and reference them. Also, you are allowed to make use of existing templates or frameworks and development environments to speed up development, or you may look for scripting code examples on the Web, in books, etc., and adapt and incorporate individual chunks of scripting code thus found. This is provided that you acknowledge their use and the source, both in code comments and in your written report. However, over-reliance on a single (or few of) such source(s), in so far that there would be little evidence of personal reflection about design and implementation decisions or further customisation to the task at hand, is discouraged, and marks will be adjusted accordingly.
See Lab Session 2 for more details on how to upload and test your application.
MANG6180 ? Web Applications ? Individual Assignment
The written report itself is subject to the same rules and guidelines regarding academic integrity as any other piece of coursework that you submit (e.g., it should be written in your own words and properly acknowledge any sources of information).
Firstly, you must electronically submit your written report to Blackboard (Turnitin) so that it can be checked for plagiarism. Note that Turnitin will only accept MS Word or PDF documents (the preferred format is PDF) so do not attempt to also include your scripted web pages here. Make a note of your Turnitin submission ID.
Secondly, include all your scripted web pages or program files (i.e., all HTML, PHP, CSS or other files required to run your application), together with the report that you submitted to Blackboard, into a zip file. Importantly, make sure this zip file contains your student number! (e.g.
Open your browser and go to Log in. Click the \”Drop- off\” button. Check that your details are correct and click the \”Next\” button as you do not have a request code. On the next page, check again that the email address in your \”from\” details is correct, leave the default options checked, and click on the \”+\” button to specify where you would like to send the file to. Then enter my details:
Name: Mues, C.
Make sure these are correct! Fill in your name, student ID and Turnitin submission code in the \”Short note to the Recipients\” box (along with any optional instructions about what to do with your file if needed). Have a final check everything is included. Click the \”Drop off Files\” button. Your file should then be uploaded to the system ready to be picked up. For your own records, print this confirmation screen as proof of submission.
You will get a confirmation later that week when I pick up the file (if I have any problems downloading your submission I will contact you, so there is no need to send me an extra email, unless of course you are experiencing problems with the system).
Marks will be assigned for the quality of your report (30%) and to the submitted Web application itself (70%). As for the latter, marks will be awarded based on the following criteria:
Extent to which the specified functionality is provided (note: a solution that does not correctly store an inquiry in the database or does limited input checking is likely to attract a significantly lower mark);
Additional criteria:
o Fault-free operation (e.g. under different browser configurations);
o Usability and aesthetics of the user interface; responsiveness;
o Use of valid HTML; appropriate use of CSS for styling;
o PHP/JavaScriptcodequality:readability,conciseness,maintainability,etc.
This assignment accounts for 30% of your overall module mark.
Table 1: training_inquiries table description
Data type
Example value
Unique number
(generated by MySQL)
Date & time that inquiry was received First and last name
Name of company with training inquiry Contact phone
E-mail address
Whether the client is interested in on- site (value os) or online (value ol) course delivery
Custom message (e.g. special requirements or additional information)
submit_date name company phone
email delivery_mode
ENUM(\’os\’, \’ol\’)
2017-02-05 17:02:46
Helen Smith
ACME Retail Services 02300000001 os
We would be particularly interested in a one-day Google Analytics workshop here at our Southampton office. Could you give me a ring to discuss
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