Describe what level(s) of prevention your hypothetical person is currently at and explain why.

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M6A1: Case Study Part 3: Consumer Health
Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload
As we learned through text and discussion, making informed choices is the best way to be a wise health consumer. Relating the levels of prevention to the development of chronic disease helps to highlight opportunities to decrease risk, no matter what a person\’s health status may be. In this activity, you will continue to build on your physical activity and nutrition case study plan.

Based on the hypothetical person you have created, you will design a chronic disease risk reduction plan to meet his or her needs. Be sure to address each category that you selected in your physical activity plan. You can create this plan using bullets or paragraph formatting. In addition to text, you can use pictures, videos or other multimedia to help your person understand the plan. Be creative but be professional. The final product should be 1-3 pages in length, including photos, multimedia, and graphs.

You may need to include additional information in your plan but you must address the following information at a minimum:

Describe what level(s) of prevention your hypothetical person is currently at and explain why.
Knowing what you now know about the levels of prevention, describe the potential effectiveness for the physical activity and/or nutrition recommendations you have made in your first two assignments. How will these recommendations aid the person from moving to the next level of prevention?
What changes, if any, would you make to her or his physical activity and/or nutrition plans based on where s/he is at in prevention levels, in general? What changes, if any, would you make to help prevent cancer? Please explain, even if you would make no changes.
Outline a brief plan for your person to help him/her to be a wise health consumer. This plan should at a minimum address health literacy, health care choice making, and factors unique to your person\’s profile that you developed at the beginning of the term. Be sure to provide a monthly cost estimate if your plan includes programs that must be purchased (i.e. health care).
Provide at least 2 examples of specific health gimmicks that could be targeting your person. Provide references (APA cites, direct web links, etc.) for these gimmicks. How would you, as a physical activity professional, help your person to assess these gimmicks and be wise consumer?
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