Describe the type of non-health care organization are you are referencing in your acquisition strategy. Why is this non-health care example relevant in the acquisition of this technology?

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Week 3 Discussion: Steps in the Implementation of Technology InfrastructureA Visual Representation
This Discussion challenges you to succinctly and visually demonstrate how a key piece of technology infrastructure would be deployed in a non-health care setting. Following the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), you are asked to evaluate how an organization in another economic sector such as retail, financial services, or manufacturing utilizes key technology infrastructure in their business operations. The purpose of evaluating technology infrastructure in a non-health care setting is to develop an appreciation for the role and capabilities of these technology components. As you investigate the use of these infrastructure components in IT management, you will find the more innovative uses of several types of infrastructure in applications outside of health care.
To prepare:
Review the steps of the Systems Development Lifecycle.
Select a type of technology infrastructure such as networking, mobile devices, cloud computing, or web. Using the Walden library, research the use of this technology infrastructure in a non-health care industry.
Develop a non-health care scenario/organization where you feel that this technology might be beneficial.
Examine the visual tools in Microsoft PowerPoint and create a one slide picture that shows the technology you plan to implement and how you will do so using the steps in the Systems Development Lifecycle.
By Day 3
Generate one diagram that you would use in an executive meeting to show your IT acquisition steps using the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Include steps such as the acquisition, implementation, and support of the technology infrastructure solution that you chose. Paste this diagram in a PowerPoint slide and post the slide as an attachment to your Discussion thread. You need not include speaker notes as part of this slide. The aim of this diagram is to summarize the activities that you conducted in each of your SDLC steps in one clear visual representation. A stakeholder should be able to look at your diagram and see a summary of your SDLC steps from acquiring the technology through its anticipated support stage. Activities should be succinctly summarized in the diagram, highlighting the most important activities for the executive audience.
In your Discussion thread briefly highlight 35 major assumptions that you made in acquiring this infrastructure solution. The Discussion is the opportunity to expand on the process and steps that you used in developing your visual Systems Lifecycle Diagram. Describe the type of non-health care organization are you are referencing in your acquisition strategy. Why is this non-health care example relevant in the acquisition of this technology? How can learning from this industry be applied to health care? Explain your assumptions regarding scope, cost, and use of this technology.
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