Describe the role, relevance and future potential of a Comprehensive Primary Health Care Approach to a health or health systems issue in a selected country

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When you understand block 2 and block 3
Write a 3,500-word paper on the role, relevance and future potential of a Comprehensive Primary Health Care Approach to a health or health systems issue in a community or country of your choosing.
Your paper should:
show a sophisticated understanding of the factors facilitating and constraining the implementation of Comprehensive PHC
show the ability to interpret relevant information and literature in relation to the health issue and setting you have chosen
demonstrate a capacity to explain and apply relevant structures and processes relevant to CPHC
justify any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments, not mere assertions
be logically structured and clearly written with a succinct introduction and conclusion, accurate spelling grammar and sentence and paragraph construction
demonstrate thorough research of academic databases and comply with normal academic standards of referencing and bibliographical details
1-About references (Harvard – page numbers for all in-text citations)

Required Texts: –
1- Phillips, David and Verhasselt, Yola (1994). Health and development. London: Routledge.
2- Werner, David and Sanders, David (1997). Questioning the solution: the politics of primary health care and child survival. Palo Alto, California: Health Wrights**
3- Wally, John, Wright, John and Hubley, John (2001), Public Health: an action guide to improving health in developing countries, Oxford: Oxford University Press

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