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The order is about a business simulation done on the cesim business simulation games. we are a team of three people who are each responsible for production, marketing and finance. Our teams are consultants for Pillsen, which manufactures pills (Rubbana- Painkiller and AndyOx- antioxidants) in its production plants in Finland and USA. The markets involved are France, Finland and USA. In this simulation there are 12 companies in the pharmaceutical sector and ours is called Simulators. The assignment is a business report that analyses production in year 4 of operations in the simulation, as i am responsible for production in this year. It ultimately revolves around the production aspect of our business operations.

It should analyse our decisions in production and what that meant for our company\’s performance. You will see what falls under production, but just to output, investments, planned production, cost efficiency improvements, production efficiency (adjustable), planned production, quality control are all responsibilities of production. Graphs and charts are needed, these charts are as follows: Price x Quality matrix for our products in all markets, profits for our company vs two more top performing companies, closing inventory in all countries vs two more top performing companies, net sales for us and two top performing company, market share diagram.

Annual goals and departmental objectives will be attached (should be at the end of conclusion), along with positional analysis where you will find our strategies for the year (Positional analysis should be in appendix and referred to in the work. Need to put in the strategies that we used (ex. Lean Production Strategy etc) If however you do not find a production strategy stated, please find one that is in line with what figures we have. Then conduct an analysis on our strategies. Later on in the report make a section in which you state if we have or haven\’t met. In addition i will send you screenshots of everything related to the production aspect, along with other figures. 80%of the report should be solely on production aspects of operations. Talk about in intro about where I got the department (what were issues, was it efficient, inefficient, what costs, capacity) analyze situational analysis for year 4 (outlook) and how it impacted operations. Please find attached all the necessary documents, including a rubric, and a sample table of contents of someone responsible for another department (please note that section 2 and its subheadings revolve around my own department and use it for guidance). (1400 minimum words, rest for appendix)
All files will be updated shortly. If you need clarification please contact me on my phone directly as I might be asleep soon, I allow maximum of 2 hours extension (6:05 pm London time) Please aim for the highest possible marks
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