Year in review

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need to answer theses questions

1. What was/were your goals this year?
2.Describe your success in completing your goals.
3.What do you consider your greatest support in completing your goal?
4.What were some challenges you faced in completing your goal?
5.From your perspective, summarize your accomplishments for this year.

Need a short summary for each.
I am a 5th grade teacher, teaching science in a title 1 school. The majority of my students are ESOL.

Goal 1:

Goal Setting Procedure
Professional Practice Goal Setting HELP Document

*Goal Improve my planning for the students by pursuing well deigned coherent instructions aimed at elimination of confusion of students and achieve a clear understanding of the school expectations.
Domain 1eComponent(s) (1) Designing Coherent Instruction.
(1) Learning activities
(2) Instructional materials and resources
(3) Instructional groups
Domain 1fComponent(s) (1) Designing student assessments
(1) Congruence with instructional outcomes
(2) Criteria and standards
(3) Design of formative assessments
(4) Use for planning
*Rationale for selecting the goal At times some of my instructions are not well planned for hence lack coherence for the students to follow with ease.
*Steps to achieve goal I will continue to writ questions from level two, three and four from the Webbs Depth of Knowledge as well as gain reflections and feedback form the co-workers. Additionally, by reviewing Sheltered instruction observation protocol Models for teaching Mathematics, I will focus on the academic language use to develop coherent instructions.
*Method(s)/procedure(s) for gathering evidence I will mostly gather evidence from though the exit tickets, BCRs, unit test and benchmarks test. I will analyze data and record by writing as well as avail to the students for clarity in subject area.
*How will you measure progress? Through exit tickets, BCRs, Theme test and benchmark test.

Goal 2:

Goal Setting Procedure
Professional Practice Goal Setting HELP Document

*Goal Increase my questioning skills that will encourage students to think more for themselves by pursuing elaborate questioning discussion framework in collaboration with Webbs Depth of Knowledge.
Domain 3b Component(s) (1) Using questioning and discussion techniques
1) Quality of questions or prompts
2) Discussion techniques
3) Students participation

Domain 3cComponent(s)Engaging Students in Learning
1) Activities and Assignments
2) Grouping of students
3) Instructional materials and resources
4) Structural and pacing
*Rationale for selecting the goal My questioning skills at times does not allow students to think for themselves, rather they wait for answers.
*Steps to achieve goal I will continue to write level three and level four question to the students from the Webbs Depth of Knowledge. To develop more skills on levels of questioning, I will employ more of the discussion and quality questioning techniques as well as lay emphasis on students participation.
*Method(s)/procedure(s) for gathering evidence I will be obtaining evidence form exit tickets, unit texts and theme test. I will analyze the data accordingly and avail for further students activities hence increase the knowledge of students in the subject areas.
*How will you measure progress? Through recording and writing the number of exit tickets, theme test and benchmarks.
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