Writing Learning Objectives about \”Preceptor/student health care professional teaching and learning\” according to the case scenario stated here.

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Please attach a poem/ or appendix/ or video/ or anything specific as an evidence to support objectives of the essay to enrich creativity. It is must. Show 100% adherence to the evaluation criteria. Search specific resources for supporting and rationalizing the ideas. Own your personal statements. Thanks.

Writing Learning Objectives about \”Preceptor/student health care professional teaching and learning\” according to the case scenario stated here.
* Jane is a bright, motivated student who has come to you suspecting she has made a medication error. She is tearful and frightened. You are Jane\’s preceptor on the medicine unit where she is currently completing her final practicum before she graduates and writes her NCLEX exam to become an RN. Write learning objectives to guide your teaching related to prevention of medication errors.

Based on this case study, a clear, measurable objective must be written for each of the 3 domains – cognitive, affective, and psycho motor.

++Evaluation Criteria for Assignment Writing Learning Objectives

Assignment should include the following:
Articulate 3 objectives – one for each domain cognitive, affective, and psycho motor. Be certain each of the objectives you develop is at minimum:
?written in clear, measurable terms
?reflective of your assigned case study
?reasonable for a 3 minute teaching session….[4*3=12 marks]
Provide rationale including integration of theoretical knowledge, that is, evidence based practice to support each objective…4 marks
Provide evidence of application of course concepts and references of external sources( at least 3, using APA format 6th edition, 2010) as needed to support each learner centered objective….4 marks
Accurate APA format, including:
+ Title page, headings, subheadings… 1
+References in the body of paper…..2 marks
+Reference citations in reference list…..2 marks
+ Maximum length of 4 pages excluding title and reference pages…1 mark
+ Introduction… 1 mark
+ Scholary language and professional tone… 1 mark.
+ Grammar, spellings, and punctuation… 1 mark.
+ Conclusion…1 mark

Total marks 30
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