Write an economic research paper dealing with a microeconomic.

Over the course of the next semester, you will be learning the tools of microeconomic analysis and writing an economic research paper dealing with a microeconomic topic. You might choose to explore a current event topic related to health care, natural resources, international trade, public policy, technology, real estate, sports and apply the tools of economic reasoning to evaluate the economic issues present in the area of investigation.  During the course of the semester, I will be pointing out research and current events to help you select a topic and demonstrate how economic reasoning can be effectively applied to your research topic. In general, your paper should have an engaging introduction, three to five interesting main points, and a conclusion that opens the door for further investigation of the problems at hand.  Your paper will be evaluated on your grasp of economic logic and research, your understanding of the problem you are addressing with the economic way of thinking, and your use of organizational and writing skill to help me understand what you have learned from this exercise.  This assignment will be worth 20% of your overall grade so it behooves you to begin early and produce a high quality deliverable. 10-12 pages in full lenght Points will be deducted for poor writing, bad organization, weak substance, illogical argumentation or other errors that reduce the quality of your work.  Similarly, points can be added for skillful writing, clear organization, strong substance, solid logical argumentation, and other quality enhancing elements. Please use Arial 12 point font for your paper.  You may use APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual style.  The more quality resources you use, the better your paper will be.  Including books or articles by scholars that are at the cutting edge of research in your field of investigation is important to your success.  

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