Write about how Hinduism came to Bali and please specific aspects within Hinduism make it distinct in Bali – ritual, prayer, myths, etc.

This research paper is going to be about Balinese Hinduism and how it differs to Indian Hinduism. Bali is city located in Indonesia; which is 90% Muslim but in Bali the citizens are 93% Hindu. The people in Bali are very proud of their Hinduism culture and heritage. Although both Hindu people in India and Bali worship the same God and Goddesses, perform religious ceremonies to the deities and have sacred temples, there are some traditions that are different. Please write about how Hinduism came to Bali and please specific aspects within Hinduism make it distinct in Bali – ritual, prayer, myths, etc. The minimum number of sources is 5 but you’re more than welcome to use more and only 1 can be online sources. Thank you so much.

The guidelines are:
– Please note that your 8-10 pages are text only and do not include bibliography, graphics, or appendices. Any tables, figures, or images must be placed in an appendix, as they do not count as text
– You will be expected to give a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph and to form a cohesive argument.
– You should footnote all your sources and use quotation marks when quoting directly. It is not advisable to use extensive quotations in an 8 to 10-page paper. In general paraphrase information in your own words (footnoting your source) and use quotations sparingly. Please use Chicago style for your footnotes.
– You must use a minimum of five scholarly sources (not including your course texts) and of these, only one may be an internet source and only if there is a compelling reason for using such a site. Warning: Use internet sources with great care–anyone can write something on the internet, so much of the information found there is blatantly erroneous or biased. Books on Hinduism must also be used with care. Books by major University Presses are generally academically reliable. Some other books belong to specific sectarian traditions, and some are ideological or “pop-Hinduism.” If you use any of these latter types of sources, you must do so with a critical awareness of their perspectives and biases and discuss this directly in your essay.

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