Write a summary of self-assessment.

    There is an assesment called    You are assigned to work on a team in the workplace with a person who has a different personality type than you. Connect with your team members who have a different personality than you.  A summary of each team member\’s personality type: needs to be 212 words. Not including references and citations. So 212 regular words for this part. To get my assesments results you will have to login in my University login on week 2 and go to the link on my week 2 that says Big Five Personality Types. From there click on the following link below  click on that then you will see   then you will seeAnd those questions are to answer the Diversity and Personality at Work to answer A summary of my personality type. In which I need 212 words not including the citations and refrences. My assesment results please use as part of my citation and refrences Please use my assessment to be part of my paper which is very important you add that to my paper.  Also please to the following..  business sources not including the text that support the team\’s ideas regarding personality.    the \”What Is My Big Five Personality Profile?\” self-assessment.   a 215-word paper in which you address the following:  your paper consistent with APA guidelines for this use the same assesment like you did the above assignment..

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