Write a paper explaining the teaching process.

please note : you can google chapter 15. Book:LPN to RN Transition. Topic: teaching patients and their families if you need reference
Teaching Process Paper

Students are expected to write a paper explaining the teaching process; this paper is NOT about what you would teach to a client or what a certain type of client would need to learn (do not select and write about a client with diabetes, breastfeeding issues, congestive heart failure, COPD, etc.).
You are expected to begin your paper by going directly into a discussion of the role of the RN in teaching and the importance of teaching. This information is available on your textbook and on ATI. The paper should then proceed to explain the teaching process in depth; the teaching process is approached in the same way as all nursing care is approached… via the nursing process (assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation). Your paper will describe each of the processes in detail so that a new nurse could read your paper and begin to implement the process.
Required preparation for writing this paper: students must read chapter 15 in the course textbook and complete the assigned ATI module on client teaching. Students are required to search CINAHL or similar database to locate one peer-reviewed nursing journal article on client teaching as a reference (more than one peer-reviewed reference should not be used; this paper is to demonstrate student knowledge of the teaching process following completion of ATI module and assigned reading). You will however cite your required online resource for client-teaching (see rubric) and if cited in the paper, your textbook.
Tutorial on evaluating online health resources:
If link above is not working, you can access the video by clicking on “tutorial” on this page:
Formatting: APA format; Times New Roman 12 font; 1-inch borders; double-spacing; reference page using APA format.
Additional details: in-class discussion and grading rubric (on course syllabus)

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