Write a 7-page paper that explores why science and medicine play such a strong role in sexuality in the modern era (defined as the 1700-present day).

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Please respond to the prompt below in a 7 page, double-spaced, typed essay with 1 margins all around in Times New Roman 12-point font. Essays shorter than 6 full pages may not be graded. Please make sure that your name is included on the front page and that pages are numbered. Your written work will be evaluated on its demonstration of the knowledge of the topic discussed, argumentation and conceptualization, creativity/critical sense, writing style, organization, and referencing.

Our course texts and lectures demonstrate the many ways in which science and medicine shape sexual experiences, identities, and norms. Write a 7-page paper that explores why science and medicine play such a strong role in sexuality in the modern era (defined as the 1700-present day). Use three to four specific historic examples that examine the ways in which science and medicine can works as tools of sexual liberation and of sexual policing. You will need to draw upon lectures as well as course readings to answer this question.

When citing the textbook please use a simple in-text parenthetical referencing style, e.g., (Clark, p. 35). You are not required to use outside sources, but if you choose to do so they must be fully referenced using the APA citation style which requires a separate Works Cited page and in-text parenthetical citations. No Works Cited page is needed if you are only using the Clark text. Any direct quotations should not be longer than three lines. All textual references whether quoted or paraphrased must be cited, and failure to cite your sources will constitute plagiarism. Encyclopedia entries (except from a specialized text) and websites (including Wikipedia) are not acceptable and should not be used.
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