Where does the non-sports details about the team rank relative to other teams?

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This is a research paper based on the Major League baseball team the Yankees. You
will be tasked at performing an economic analysis on the Yankees, identifying various characteristics and
utilizing your understanding of the demand and supply of the sports to gain insight into the unique
challenges your team faces.
Your analysis should be current, with data describing roughly the last five years. Questions your
research paper should answer are:
What are the yankees trying to maximize? Are there specific constraints that they face that are
more binding than others? What evidence can you present for these conclusions?
Where does the non-sports details about the team rank relative to other teams? What aspects
can you identify are based on team choices and what aspects appear based on economic factors
beyond their control?
What evidence can you present that suggests the decision makers of the firm are thinking in the
short run more or the long run more.
Although you are not obligated to follow this format, but my recommendation is this structure:
A. An introduction summarizing the main points of your essay
B. A short history of the Yankees, focusing in detail only on elements which are relevant to its current
economic status.
C. A description of the market in which the team operates including, but not limited to:
(a) The value of the television contract and its impact on team roster spending
(b) The ticket price and attendance levels, relative to other teams
(c) The demographics, such as median area income, of the city in which the team plays
D. A description of the financial details of the team, as you can identify. This should include, but is
not limited to:
(a) The funding mechanism of the arena or stadium the team plays in
(b) Information about the ownership group
(c) Information about major contracts the teams are obligated to paying
E. Any evidence of cultural significance of the team
F. Any unique market-oriented aspects of the team (share a city, single team-city, etc.) and how that
impacts their operations, and how the current CBA for the league impacts them generally and
G. Any unique team-specific aspects of the roster (superstar players, lengthy contracts, young players)
which impact how the team is financially constructed in the short and long run.
H. The last few pages should include your own economic analysis. This will be where you describe
the unique situation your team is in and describing what you believe they are maximizing.
1The reason this assignment is focusing on MLB is because of the larger variability MLB baseball teams have in
spending and operations, relative to the NBA/NHL and especially relative to the NFL where most revenues are centralized
and team spending has relatively low variability.
You are strongly recommended to visit team blogs of the team to familiarize yourself with how the team
is run and utilize Rodney Forts Data repository for MLB to collect data/information to present in
your article. Further guidance will be provided on ELMS in the discussion board as questions come up.
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