When a government in the developed world is making changes to its immigration policy in order to allow more immigrants into their country, which is the most important factor to be considered? Economic Social HumanitariThe immigration policy in the u

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I\’ve got some problems with essay which is tutor have noticed the tutor from the last time when I order this essay such as the essay is did written in general of policy\’s in the U.K. In addition it\’s phrasing too much without any citation and quote for example using the references and the phraphrisng sentences with a quote like this\” \” ( ),how ever he is need to talk about the immigration and their policies in the U.K. And gives some examples and explain it the examples ;furthermore,the references it\’s need to checked such as the internet relevant and can see where did its come from by a link and as a Harvard style it\’s should be clear and the language and grammar mistakes without using too much a high vocabulary and grammar in additions he wants to look at the example and the idea and it\’s not need a high level of English,however,I would like the idea to be clear without applying to get a higher mark of the language.

consider the economic, social and humanitarian factors;
make a recommendation which follows logically from your discussion and
use sub-headings and a numbering system.

Sources of information:
You must refer to sources to support your ideas. You may use sources from the Skills for Study 2 textbook (Unit 3, pp168-170), but you must also refer to at least two academically suitable sources from your own research.
You should refer to data where appropriate.
You must provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report.
You must use English language sources you should not translate ideas from non-English sources.

What you will be assessed on:
The relevance of your ideas; the effectiveness of your comparisons and recommendation(s); your analysis of relevant ideas.
The structure of your report (completeness; organization of ideas; use of headings and numbering; linking of ideas).
Your choice of relevant and appropriate source material including specific examples and data to support your ideas.
How well you include source material in your report, including synthesis, paraphrase/summary, in-text citations and final references.
How appropriate and accurate your use of English language is, especially register and style

Recommendation report
Discuss several factors that need to be taken into account when making a policy decision

Evaluate these factors, and decide:

Which one of them is the most important when deciding to chance immigration policy.
Your report should have sections
Features of a report
Numbered sections
Strict structure
Data and graphs

1. Introduction (100 words)
Briefly introduce the country youve picked
Give a general (brief) statement about its recent history of immigration
State the purpose of the report
State the factors that you are going to consider (i.e. economic, social and humanitarian)Immigration statistics (in more detail)2.

Background (250-300 words)
Profile of the countrys population (number of people of working age, employment levels, household income, etc)
Social/cultural/ethnic make-up of the country
Wealth (GDP)
Immigration statistics (in more detail)
Current approach to immigration (existing laws, societys attitudes is the country welcoming or unwelcoming towards immigrants?)
Problems with immigration to that country
(In-text references; table/chart desirable)

3. Presentation of factors

Presentation of factors (considerations regarding expanding immigration) (around 150 words)

Factor 1 with a short explanation/description
Factor 2 with a short explanation/description
Factor 3 with a short explanation/description

4. Detailed discussion of factors
(300-400 words)

4.1 Economic factors
Consider how the economy of the country could be impacted (positively and negatively) by more immigration make it specific to the country you chose

4.2 Social factors
What are some of the possible impacts (positive/negative) of more immigration on the society of your chosen country?

4.3 Compassion and humanitarian factors
Is it important for your chosen country to act in a compassionate way? Why/why not?
5. Conclusions and recommendations

(~100-150 words)

remind the reader what the purpose of your report was
summarise your ideas
Recommend which the most important factor is (for the country of your choice)

References on a separate sheet at the end
Kind regards
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