What type of things will the future students need to know about being successful business students?

need two pages in 3 hourssimpleBusiness Ethics Professor Assignment For this assignment you are to write a paper in length of at least 2 pages where you are hired by Marymount University at least ten years from now (2027). How will you teach the class? Will you utilize a textbook? Why or why not?What type of teaching style will you utilize? What type of things will you need to emphasize about the following stakeholders:ShareholdersEmployeesWholesalersRetailersGovernment regulatory officialsConsumersPeople in the professionMedia What type of things will the future students need to know about being successful business students? What type of things will students need to know about being successful individuals?What about morals? What about ethics? Is ethics truly situational?What about developing a personal worldview is that important?Should ethics be taught in the home, in society, or both?Would you utilize any of the ethical theories that you learned in class or would you utilize another ethical theory? Why or why not?Looking 10 years into the future what do you see as the state of business ethics in America? In the Western World? Throughout the rest of the world? What about globalization? Is there a place for it? What about whistleblowing will it still be needed?Is it important? Please address these questions as well as anything that you feel that I have missed.I will love to see your ideas about teaching a Business Ethics class.

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