What is the biggest threat to international order today?

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Please select one of the paper topics listed below and construct a 7 page response (2000-words, 12-point font, and double- spaced). Please be sure to indicate the question that you are answering. You are not required to undertake additional research; the material from the assigned text is sufficient to answer the question that you have selected. You may, however, supplement the course material with additional sources. Your task is to demonstrate your understanding of the course material. In answering the question, you need to make and defend an argument. Exceptional papers will integrate theory, history, and conceptual analysis.
All direct quotations must be cited and properly documented. All sources, including internet sources, must be included in a bibliography. Spelling, punctuation, organization, and all the rules of composition are important, and will be taken into account when your paper is evaluated.
Paper Topics
What is the biggest threat to international order today? Be sure to describe clearly what you mean by international order, and that you identify and discuss a specific threat (e.g. global warming, terrorism, poverty, rise of China, etc.). You must demonstrate how this poses a threat to the conception of international order articulated in your essay.
In the twenty-first century, what is the best way to conceptualize security (e.g. national security, human security, global security, environmental security, etc.)? After describing and discussing the concept of security that you have selected, you need to justify your answer by providing a detailed description of a particular issue-area in world politics (e.g. nuclear proliferation, human rights, poverty, development, etc.). The point here is to illustrate how the conception of security you have selected is applicable to a particular issue area.
Does the sovereign state system represent an insurmountable obstacle to solving global problems? In order to answer this question, you must select and describe a specific global problem (e.g. human rights, global poverty, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, etc.). You must make and defend an argument about whether or not the sovereign state system has the ability to solve the problem you have selected.
Is there a timeless wisdom of realism? In answering this question you should make reference to the practice of world politics to illustrate your thesis about whether or not realism offers timeless wisdom.
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