What effect does poverty have on education in Kern county?

Focus should be on Bakersfield but be sure to include other areas of Kern county. please include several graphs and charts in power point (a min of 3). please cite sources in a smaller font on the slides. slides should be detailed and include a page number and the source used. presentation should be eye catching and grab the attention of the audience. please cite the source on the slide in a smaller font.
sources used include scholarly article, newspapers, books, journals. etc. 12 pt. news times roman font.
1. include a thesis- tell why poverty and education is an important topic to study.
2. provide historical background on education and poverty in Kern county. who where some of the people who first addressed the issue of poverty and education in Kern county.
3. use graphs, charts, statistics to analyze education and poverty in Kern county.
4. review the research of others in education and poverty in Kern county. what are their key findings. include at least one statement from a expert in this field. what laws have been passed to help children?
5. what are solutions to fix the problem of poverty in education in Kern county.

include a bibliography at the end of presentation. use a variety of sources.