What do you make of men’s more generous attitude toward women from Harper’s the”Portion of women whose attractiveness is judged by U.S. men to be “worse than average”: 2/5′ (103)’ “quotation from Ballenger?

1) First, this quotation comes from your Ballenger, The Curious Researcher textbook: “Harper’s Magazine recently reported the following:

‘Portion of men whose attractiveness is judged by U.S. women to be “worse than average”: 4/5’ ”

Take 5 minutes to quickly write about this idea. As Ballenger asks, “What do you make of this? Does it surprise you? Assuming it’s true, how would you explain it? If you doubt it’s true, why?”
1) Here’s another quotation from Ballenger, The Curious Researcher: also from Harper’s, the”‘Portion of women whose attractiveness is judged by U.S. men to be “worse than average”: 2/5′ (103)’ “.
2) Ballenger asks, “What do you make of men’s more generous attitude toward women? Does this surprise you? How might you explain both ‘facts’? Together, what does this information say to you about gender and ‘attractiveness’?” Spend a few minutes freewriting on a response.

3) Do you find, as Ballenger writes, “any consistent line[s] of thought[s] developing” for you in your two responses? If someone ran up to you on the street and asked you to tell him or her about these ideas, what would you say?” Write up what you’d say to bring the ideas together with your thinking.

4) Copy and paste 3) three times. Use the Ballenger/Harper’s facts as research material for quotation. Incorporate it into your write-up in the following three ways, according to readings/lecture/discussion:

a. Direct quotation & ( ) citation

b. Paraphrase & ( ) citation

c. Blending the quotation with your own words & ( ) citation


please leave a space between the first question and the other questions.

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