What are the best practices for reducing the incidence of catheter-associated with Urinary tract infection in females?

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ASSESSMENT – Use PRISMA diagram to identify research articles to be used for your selected topic of focus.
What is required:
You will undertake a critical review of the literature related to a selected topic or question.
Research Question
What are the best practices for reducing the incidence of catheter-associated with Urinary tract infection in females?

1. The research question becomes a title
2. A background and rationale (justification) Provides the reader with a clear idea of what to expect to read. The opening paragraph should identify the significance of the chosen topic within the current context of nursing practice. This is followed by a sentence which gives the reader an overall idea of the AIMS of the review.
3. A critical review of research related to your topic: a. Review question or problem to be explored by the review b. Literature search strategy (follows from assessment 1) NOTE: it may be necessary to either narrow or broaden your search criteria depending on the amount of research literature available on your topic. c. Quality assessment of research literature. Critically analyse and evaluate the selected research articles in relation to the chosen topic. d. Extract relevant data from the literature you may use a summary table if you wish. e.g. Synthesise or interpret findings in a way that brings the information together in a coherent way. Use this synthesis to summarise the results of the review.
4. Conclusion: Conclude by answering your review question and responding to the findings
NOTE: References APA 6th Marking: The review must be clear, cohesive, and logical throughout and supported by primary research articles. Correct citation of all sources is required.

Marking Criteria
Assessment 2: Evidence for advanced practice
For this assessment, you are being asked to demonstrate the process of advancing a clinical problem statement or research question through the process of retrieval and critique of appropriate research literature (a critical literature review) for the purpose of producing evidence-?based recommendation(s) that can be implemented within an advanced practice context.

**Assignment 1: Undertake a critical review of research literature and use the findings to propose evidence-based recommendation(s) for practice
PLEASE NOTE: It is intended that the end-point of Assessment 2 will be your beginning point for Assessment 3.
Assessment 2 should then take each of these end-points the next stage (i.e. knowledge transfer through implementing recommendation(s).
The Assessment should be written in the style of a literature review of 2500 words. Marks will be allocated within the three domains below. Expectations of these Assessment: Advanced academic writing at postgraduate level.
1. Formulate and answerable question or problem statement within the context of advanced nursing practice: Clear and concise description of the background and process of developing of an answerable question that is located within the context of practice
2. Selects appropriate *research literature to investigate this question/problem and appraise its quality: Outlines a search strategy for the selection of research literature. e.g. search terms and databases and demonstrate knowledge of the appropriateness of the selected literature through a discussion of the study design and method.
3. Summarises research of the best available quality and makes evidence-based recommendations for practice or poses a well-defined and answerable question:
Critically summaries findings of quality appraised research literature and discusses how the quality of selected literature relates to the strengths and/ or limitations of the final recommendation. (s) for practice or poses a well-defined and answerable research question that has the potential to contribute new knowledge to health care practice.
Note *relates to the robustness of the question to stand up to further investigations (i.e. that it would actually be possible to do the research)
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