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This assessment task requires you to analyse and address the issue you identified in your VBD Brief (i.e. Assessment 2). The issue has been referred to the Management Group (of which you are a part) of the organisation by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Given your initial brief that identifies and outlines the issue (i.e., the what question and its implications), the CEO has tasked you to further prepare a detailed report that examines the underlying reasons for the issue (the why – why is the issue important for the organisation to treat seriously?), identifies suitable alternatives that could address the issue (\’how\’ best to address the issue, supporting your assertions with trustworthy sources) and provide succinct recommendations for the next steps the business should take to implement the most desirable alternative. When completed the report will be forwarded to the CEO for consideration.

Tips for writing the report:

Refer to the task instructions and the template (see attached) to structure your report. You can modify the structure any way you like but be sure to include a cover page that has your name, student number. You should also provide the context for your issue so your reader can take this into account when considering your report. Please note there will be a 6 mark deduction (-10%) for Reports which are more than 1650 words. The title page and reference list is not included in the word count.

Please note that the VBD Report Template provides detailed instructions and tips for writing your assignment, including suggestions for what you should focus on in each of the sections of the report. You will need to frame your report with respect to one of the four functions of management – Planning, Leading, Organising or Controlling. We discuss these functions in depth in Weeks 7-10, but feel free to jump ahead and check out the relevant textbook chapters if you want to get ahead. Some issues will fit better with particular management functions, so to give yourself an easier time writing the assignment, make sure you identify a suitable management function for your issue. For example, an issue focusing on rethinking the allocation of resources within the business would likely align well with Organising and/or Planning, so you would use your best judgment to select one (or two) of the management functions to frame your discussion.
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