Using the simulation controls set gravity to Planet X, and determine the acceleration of gravity on the surface of the alien planet.

*The following lab is included in the attached document in greater detail for this report including required emphasis, reference text, and grading criteria. The required lab template is also attached.

Measuring Gravity

With this relationship confirmed, we can rearrange the expression in order to determine the acceleration of gravity.

k(2)2 = g * T2

If we let y = k(2)2 and x = T2 then the above equation is simply the equation of a line with the slope equal to the gravitational acceleration. In your favorite spreadsheet program create four columns.

k, T, x, and y

where y is a calculated value of k times the square of 2 pi, and x is equal to T2. Create a scatter plot of x vs y. Use the scatter plot and a trend line to display your data. More instructions on how do this in Excel, can be found in this video Video File6 min 34 sec. (Note: The video includes some written directions and a link to the example dataset under Show More.)

Confirm that the gravitational acceleration in the simulation in 9.8 m/s2.

Using the simulation controls set gravity to Planet X, and determine the acceleration of gravity on the surface of this alien planet.
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Attached are:
1) The full experiment for background info regarding Part III, grading criteria, emphasis requirements for this lab report, and the reference text for the course.
2) The required lab report template with instructions from the professor.
3) First lab report after grading with instructor notes (she expects not to make the same mistakes twice). Thought it would be helpful.

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