Use the theories and principles of social psychology to describe how your behavior changes from situation to situation..

This assignment gives you an opportunity to monitor how much your behavior changes from situation to situation. First, make a list of five different traits that you think are most characteristic of your personality (e.g., humorous, sensitive, etc.). Then keep a descriptive log of your behavior in five different situations you are in a period of several days. In your log, you should keep track of how you behaved across along each trait you included in your list. Next, consider the situations you found yourself in and the other people you encountered in those situations. How did you perceive the people you with whom you interacted? What attitudes did you have going in to a situation? In your paper, discuss the situations and how you behaved in those situations. Is your behavior consistent across situations? Did your underlying belief about the kind of person you are influence your attitude about any given situation or person you interacted with? Note: Try to pick situations where most of your traits have the “opportunity” to be expressed! For example, if you say you are loud, obnoxious, and deceitful, don’t choose situations where there is no chance for any of these to occur, such as studying alone in your room, because you will come to the obvious conclusion that your traits are inconsistent across situations!

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